Charmaine Glass (Apr 3, 2017)

Charmaine L. Glass has a lifelong love for the written word. In addition to her writing craft, she has enriched the lives of others through work and academics. All She Wrote is her first published book.
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Emotionally Drained
Emotionally drained
Did I give you a reason not to love me
Did I change
Or did the love go stale was it hell
Because it stayed the same
I used to think I didn’t deserve you
I didn’t have a clue
That another man would have stayed forever
If I only knew
That you was out doing your dirt
While I was home alone hurt
I was a fool, fool, fool
Now I’m drained
Dancing in the shadows
Of heartbreak
Old familiar feelings of pain
Can’t cry no more
Tears won’t fall
You won’t call
Now I’m through with it all
I’m drained, drained, drained
Emotionally drained
Fed Up
He dealt with my attitude
And even all the arguing
I ain’t cooked or cleaned all day
Didn’t even get dressed
‘Cause all I want to do is complain
And worry about where he’s been
I’m confrontational
So he walks out the door
Said this time it’s for sure
He’s not coming back no more
I guess he’s fed up
He’s so fed up
I pushed my man
To the arms of another woman
She called last night
To tell me how good it’s been
So now I sit back feeling dumb
Crying, wondering will he come
Back home to me, I love him so
Guess I should have realized
A long time ago
Before he got fed up
Three Days, Three Hours
Three days, three hours since you went away
You told me the other day
That you need some time
To yourself
So you can clear your mind
You’re leaving me
What did I do
You swore up and down
You’d come back around
Three days, three hours since you went away
I went about my day
Until my cell phone rang
I knew it was you
You wanna know
Can you come through
Make no mistake
I’m missing you
But I don’t know when
You gonna leave again
Three days, three hours since you went away
And I didn’t hear from you
Until today
What type of relationship
Are we dealing with
When your answer to our problems
Is to walk away from them
Three days, three hours
Time Apart
I can see it in your eyes when you look at me
You can’t disguise the way you’re feeling
Seems like you need some time to concentrate on you
And I try to give you the best of me
But it’s a waste of time and energy
Giving you some space is the best thing for me to do
Maybe we need some time apart
Baby, so you can free your heart
Do all the things you can’t when you’re with me
Spend time by yourself, your friends, and family
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine
And hopefully, in time
We’ll try again……
I’ll never go far
We just need some time apart
What Happened?
What happened to the feeling I used to get
What happened to the days I wouldn’t let a minute
Pass me by
Without thoughts of you heavily on my mind
What happened to the times I would text you
Just to say I love you so
What happened to the little things that meant the most
Now I look at you and it feels like a void was sent
To wipe my heart clear
I’d rather be apart from you than be near
Thoughts of us together make me unhappy
There’s no more laughter
So tell me what happened
We shouldn’t go on
There’s no reason
We don’t want the same things
There’s no pleasing
You living your life, I’m living mine
And our love was abandoned
What went wrong, please tell me what happened
What happened to the feelings?
What happened to the days you were heavily on my mind?
What happened to the times?
I don’t text you no more
I love you so
What happened?
In the bed, I say my grace
Can’t wait to see your face
In my dreams
So I sleep
Sleep, sleep, it’s calling me
And I can’t even wait until the morning comes
I’m so anxious to see the sun
And your beautiful face
During the day
And tonight, when the sun sets
I can look at you yet, again
And if I never see another day
You’re in my dreams anyway
So now I sleep
Sleep, sleep, sleep calling me
You’re patiently waiting
In my dreams
Day or night
You’re on my mind
Lonely Road
I’m traveling, traveling down this lonely road
Can’t imagine all the things I left behind
Stories untold, the times that you would lift me high
But now it’s time to go
I’d rather walk away, than grow old
With the wrong person
So let my destiny unfold
And when she pulls you close
I pray the memories of me
Won’t cross your mind
And in time, we’ll see
And maybe you’ll believe
What I knew, was true
There’s no place for me and you
So I will travel, I’m traveling down this lonely road
No bags or nothing I own
I left it all so long ago
Take Away the Pain (Rainforest Cafe)
Bring back the rain and how the sunshine
Takes away the pain
You know what they say
Two people can meet like you and I
And end up in a cafe
I want to hear the thunder again
Share an umbrella with a new friend
Walk hand in hand
As we explore a new land
Share a meal
At an enchanted resort
I tell you my secrets
And you tell me yours
This is what we’ll do
The next time I see you
So don’t forget the sunshine
And the rain that drenched you and I
It took away the pain
Good Day
Like a marching band
Stealing my attention
I stand to attention
Did I fail to mention
Through trials I stand
Rising above all of our troubles
And we’ll make it a good day
Exclaim it.
Proclaim it.
Whatever you name it.
It’s a good day
I’ll say it.
And pray for it.
Put your name on it.
And make it a good day
See the sun
See the rain
The wind blowin’ my hair
Gray clouds, an overcast
How long will this last
Seasons change
No more rain
Replaced with drifts
Of the whitest snow
I think you should know
I can’t stand the cold
Did I miss, miss the fall
My favorite season of all
Leaves so colorful
So damn memorable
January, brings a new
Or the hottest day in June
Seasons change
In all kinds of ways
The weather is a metaphor
For what life has in store
Blank Page
There’s a blank page where my words used to be
There’s no you, there’s no me
There’s nothing to write about
Nothing to sing about
Nothing to cry and shout
My mind has formed a blank
My canvass has no paint
My story is boring
There’s no meaning
I don’t have a clue
There’s no me, there’s no you
They call it writer’s block when you don’t say a lot
What happened to my pen, my paper, my pencil, my eraser
My laptop, my tablet
Inspiration, I don’t have it
Just a blank page staring at me from an empty space
There’s no you, there’s no me
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Sitting at the table
Early one morning
Willing and able
I know my day is coming
And when it comes, when I see the light
I will join the chorus singing
It’s gonna be alright
Slow down, hang in there
Love is still true
And in the midst of the storm
I will know, I can count on you
No more begging, no asking
I have nothing left to prove
In the midst of the storm
You’ll perform
And I can count on you
I will join the chorus
After I see the light
With my arms outstretched
My palms in the air
Singing, it’s gonna be alright