Morgan Shepherd (14 May, 2018)

I am the silence as snow falls in the surrounding forest
I am the storm clouds rolling in on a sunny day
I am a numbing rain as the skies are far too grey
I am the dried up leaves that break and crack under your feet
I am that slice of light cutting through the nights darkness
I am the waves that continue to harass the shore
I am the erosion slowly crumbling the lake bluffs
I am the wind ripping through naked branches on the winter trees
I am that uneasy rumbling in the distance as the storm approaches
I am the murder of crows sitting in the tree just as shadows
I am the horizon that swallows the sun as it tries to linger
I am the darkness that drowns the glow of lightning bugs
I am the graves marking a loss
I am the empty bed when you wake at 3am
I am that sharp breath that pierces you when you get startled
I am the graffiti that moves quickly away on the train tracks
I am that hollow feeling that dresses itself hiding in smiles
I am that heart that beats no matter how many times it is broken
I am that ghost of a birch tree that no matter how many times it is bent and whipped
I am never fully broken

I grew up in a thunderstorm
Always an uneasiness in the air
Waiting for that light to crack then expose
For the thunder to roar then silence everything
Wanting the rain to cleanse me so I could be washed away
Far away from this place
The wind would try to pick me up
I was too heavy
Carrying my heart and emotions
So I stayed anchored
Surrounded by the storm
Surviving the excitement
That would die
Each time
The wind would whisper
You are far too heavy my dear
Please stay
I will lift you one day
So I grew up in a thunderstorm

Morgan Shepherd DSC_0053